Thursday, April 18, 2013

L'Oreal Everstyle Tousle Creme Review

Do I have a excuse for not updating for almost a year? No , no I don't but I can say that I'm back and I'm not going to stop :). I'm going to get back in the game with a brand new product called L'Oreal Everstyle Tousle Creme. My dream hair is messy but not too messy. I originally was using the Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (whew!) in the summer time but I always had to be careful not to put too much or my roots would look oily and my ends dry, which is to say was most of the time.


They also had a beach spray and a dry shampoo with this range but this product really seduced me with the description, -soft messy style - alcohol free- all day tousled piecey texture. Sign me up!
On the back it says "Our first texturizing creme free of drying alcohols, uses high-performance actives for all day touchable texture. For ultimate undone-yet-done look." Now the question is does it do this and the answer is yes!

When I first looked at it I was afraid of the word creme cause my hair is naturally oily but this doesn't give you a oily feeling at all. It gives you texture but not that gunky , pomade texture.  All I do is put a quarter sized amount in my hair while it is damp (only on the ends) and twirl your hair or twist it. I flip my hair and blow dry it upside down, flip it up brush it a little then scrunch my hair, done!

Do I recommend this for people that want that undone-yet-done look? Most definitely.

P.s. I now have a movie and tv blog called Two Lens View. :)

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